The catalog was created for the exhibition Gardens of Gdańsk, which took place in the Uphagen House, a branch of the Museum of Gdańsk. The exhibition showed the history of gardens in Gdańsk and in Europe through maps, photographs, old prints and quotations.

The catalog includes some of the materials showed in the exhibition, together with new illustrations and three articles. Each article ends with endnotes and a summary in German. We used additional old prints to decorate the margins and other empty spaces and in the title spreads for each article.

The color palette of the catalog is taken from the exhibition design and consists mainly of pinks and greens. The title on the cover is hot-stamped with green foil. The book has a half-dust jacket which repeats the flower pattern from the cover. On the other side of the dust jacket we hid a small ornament with etched illustrations, suggesting a garden design.

The catalog has been awarded several design awards.