The exhibition Gardens of Gdańsk took place in the Uphagen House, a branch of the Museum of Gdańsk. The top floor of the building turned into a garden-like space, telling the story of the gardens of Gdańsk and of Europe.

We were responsible for designing both the spacial arrangement of the exhibition and all its graphical elements: colors, typography and all the content plates.

The color palette was inspired by 18th-century gardens, for instance the grayish green is the color used to paint wooden garden constructions. We used plants and elements of garden architecture and decorated the walls with illustrative etchings. The typeface used resembles 18th-century classicist typography. The entire exhibition is in Polish and German.

The exhibition took up three rooms of the Uphagen House, each painted with a different color. The green one showed the history of parks and gardens in Gdańsk through maps and other archival materials. The pink one focused on the history and philosophy of gardening in Europe and presented it through illustrations, old handbooks and historical photos. In the blue room were gathered art objects and books borrowed from other museums.

The exhibition was accompanied by a catalog.

Curators: Zofia Maciakowska and Katarzyna Rozmarynowska

Manager: Wojciech Szymański