The book published by the Ethnographic Department of the National Museum in Gdańsk concludes a study of how ecological, political, migration crisis affects the emergence of a new reality and how we can understand it.

The book combines varied texts, including scientific studies, artistic testimonies, essays, to capture the nature of the world today as it undergoes sometimes violent changes. Authors, who come from Norway, Iceland, Poland, Canada and Great Britain, trace relationships between climate change, migration, pro-ecological thinking and the formation of a new cultural heritage in Europe and search for solutions to the problems we're facing.

The bilingual publication is double-sided. While the Polish cover features a blue-colored photograph visible through a circular die-cut opening, the English version starts with a circular foil-stamped image iridescent with the colors of the northern lights. Apart from the cover design, both texts are mirror images of each other. To reflect the ecological concerns of the book we chose responsible Cradle to Cradle Certified paper.