After two previous books of essays, accompanying exhibitions in Malbork Castle that presented its history (Sapientia aedificavit… and Regnum defendo…), the third part covers 19th-century attempts to restore the building to its former glory, inspired by the Romantic fascination with the past.

The book consists of seven illustrated historic articles in Polish and German. The design and typography continue the line established by the previous volumes but introduce new elements and a color scheme inspired by the Romantic art and design created around Malbork. The palette of golds and browns includes also a metallic spot color and is enriched with the colors of ribbons and the headband. A decorative ornament inspired by original illustrations appears in the pattern on the dust-jacket, is hot-stamped with golden foil on the cover and reappears throughout the book. The half dust-jacket unfolds to reveal a poster for the exhibition printed inside.